Feature: From the Dpad

Check out this interview I had with Josh Griffiths, editor at FromtheDpad. Why does Little Mac wear pink?

Link: http://www.fromthedpad.com/2012/09/11/kickstarter-interview-with-pixel-perfect-punchout/


Milestone: 60% Funded

I’m back from holiday and ready to start aggressively marketing the book to Nintendo for copyright permission…

What else has been going on?

  • 18 tweets, 7 following, 13 followers, 4 retweets, 3 favorited, 5 mentions
  • 58 Facebook friends
  • 2 Facebook wall posts (still temporarily blocked so can’t comment back, sorry!)
  • 182 backers, 25 comments, 5 updates
  • 21/25 of the “Dream Fight” rewards sold!
  • 6 proper articles/posts online
  • 474 blog views
  • 847 visits to pixelperfectbooks.com

Thanks to everyone!

Update: Limited Edition Signed Poster

Graphic designer and illustrator, Ben Mitchell, has volunteered his piece from the POWER UP Video Game Art Show as the limited edition poster for pledges of $175 or more.

Posters will be five-color screen printed, numbered, and signed by Ben and myself. Ben is also in the works cooking up a brand new tee concept!

For a better look visit: http://subjecthive.tumblr.com/post/28829666217/itsrainingben-here-is-my-punch-out-poster