Milestone: 100% Funded!

Amazing! Big thanks to Matt Turk (contributor), Sinister1 (contributor), Alex Sahhar (design), NP (editor), and all the pledgers and retro gaming community in general.


  • Pix’n Love Publishing have expressed interest and are currently reviewing the book
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  • 25/25 $250 books sold, 24/25 $175 books sold, 108/200 $125 books sold
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Only 5 days to go until the actual 25th anniversary of the game!

Review: TwitchTV (Sinisterwon)

Major contributor, Sinister1, received an advance copy of the book for proofing and streamed a session covered it in detail. The picture quality is not HD, but you get a terrific showcase of the book!

Links: (Part 1), (Part 2)